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 Annex Learning Photo Gallery

Practising Interviewing Skills in Casablanca


Personal Branding session at Syracuse University


Teaching Communication Styles at SUNY Westchester


Leadership training in India


Gala Dinner at the APJ Finance Development Conference India 2014


Team dinner at the hawker stalls in Malaysia after a busy week of training.


This team strategizes about how they will survive in the Sub-Arctic.  India 2014


Teams prepare a sales pitch during charity bike-building with GPS.


MBTI Leadership program, Syracuse University


Presentation Skills survivors!  Penang, Malaysia 2014


Students in our college- to- corporate program assemble a balloon chair.
  • 120212053130_marshall_goldsmith2
    Marshall Goldsmith poses with Carla at his seminar: What Got You Here Won Get You There
  • 120212053013_carla_and_otto_copy
    Carla was so fortunate to attend an MBTI Master Class with Otto Kroeger
  • 120212053130_img_1610
    Tower-building at Holiday Hill
  • 120212053130_img_1598
    More tower-building
  • 120212053130_img_1614
    Over 1500 employees participated in our Treasure Hunt on Diversity Day
  • 120212053130_jri_ge_hr_crotonville
    Jeff Immelt keynoted the GE HR Alumni Reunion
  • 120212053034_hr_alum_2009_1016_108_copy
    2009 GE HR Alumni Reunion at Crotonville
  • 120212053112_img_1399
    Teambuilding on the schooner Quinnipiac
  • 120212053112_img_1400
    Teams work to hoist the sails...



  • 120212053113_img_1406
    ...and then build towers on deck!
  • 120212053113_img_1408
    We concluded the team activity with
  • 120212053056_img_0560
    Flickin' Chickens team-building.
  • 120212053056_img_0561
    Flickin' Chickens.
  • 120212053056_img_0581
  • 120212053142_p1010037
    LE Egg Drop sketches in New Delhi.
  • 120212053142_p1010061
    Mission Possible treasure hunt with BP in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 120212053142_p1010103
    Shanghai LE participants.
  • 120212053142_p1010112
    Vision exercise, Shanghai.

 Annex Learning Photo Gallery


  • 120212053112_img_1189
    Tinkertoy communication exercise - Oklahoma City.
  • 120212053056_img_0192
    FoL Canada participants prep for Case Study
  • 120212053034_group_work
    Group Work ball exercise.
  • 120212053034_harvard_20-_20tha_20-_208-22-04_2000122
    Pipeline challenge at Harvard.
  • 120212053034_harvard_20033
    Carla facilitates pipeline at Harvard Orientation.
  • 120212053056_hr_alumni_2004
    GE HR Alumni 2004
  • 120212053034_harvard_20036
    Harvard Business School orientation team-building.
  • 120212053013_foto_internet
    GE Foundation of Leadership participants, Mexico City.
  • 120212053013_ems_arrowwood
    UBS New Manager program, Doral Arrowood.

 Annex Learning Photo Gallery

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  • 120212053013_fol_canada_2008
    GE Canada Leadership Program
  • 120212053013_carla_2c_jon_1_
    LE India Faculty: Jon Barb, Carla, Russ Merck and Yawar Baig.