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Meeting Facilitation

New Manager Assimilation
Congratulations!  You got the promotion.  You're excited to work with your new team, but you don't know what to expect.  Our New Manager Assimilation program can give you the jump start you need to start things off in the right direction.  

This popular program is designed to open the doors of communication between new managers and their employees.  The program provides a structured, no-holds-barred discussion facilitated by a trained expert that will help "put all the cards on the table" about work relationships in a non-threatening and fun environment.  Sessions can range anywhere from one-half day to a full day and are typically scheduled with the manager's first three months on the job.  


It sounds like a fitness class, and it is...except this progam is Boot Camp for your organization's productivity and efficiency.  WorkOut is a proven process that was widely used by GE that can discover hidden efficiencies in your business processes.  And it's based on the principle that the people closest to the work know the best ways to fix broken processes.
Our skilled facilitators will work with your team to plan and execute an engaging, spirited and productive WorkOut session with your team.  After an initial and extensive planning period, most WorkOut sessions can be completed in a day, and MEASURABLE RESULTS can be realized almost instantly.  
Team-Building Events
Annex Learning has partnered with a number of firms to bring you engaging, dynamic and leading-edge team-building events for your off-site meeting, retreat or corporate party.  Our events can be purely for fun, or we can build a learning component into the activities.  Check our Photo Gallery for images from some of these events.