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Training and Learning
Starting at square one, Annex Learning Inc. can survey your organization's training and learning needs and then propose solutions--from design and development through to delivery.  In addition to having a Master's degree in adult learning, our founder, Carla Fischer, has extensive program and instructional design experience; and she has a real knack for designing and delivering training that is relevant, engaging, dynamic and memorable for participants at all levels in your organization.  Our team of partners and associates has an invaluable amount of experience across nearly all industries and at some of the world's largest companies and organizations.  At Annex Learning Inc., we can create new programs from scratch, update your existing courseware, or enthusiastically deliver your internal program "as is."

Meeting Facilitation
Our consulting associates are highly-skilled meeting facilitators who have experience developing and delivering everything from regular staff meetings to complex problem-solving sessions.  We apply proven and effective meeting templates for specific objectives -- New Manager Assimilation for onboarding a new manager, or WorkOut for identifying process efficiencies -- or we can design a custom agenda to meet your needs.  If your off-site meetings lack organization and pizzaz, maybe it's time for you to consider the services of an experienced professional. From agenda planning to execution and follow-up, Annex Learning Inc. can help you make your meetings more productive, more effective, and definitely more fun for your participants! We've managed large-scale meetings for companies like BP, Deloitte, and Varian Medical. Why not add your company's name to the list?


Here's why we're different...                                              

We're small.  When you work with Annex Learning Inc., you deal directly with the pros -- no bureaucracy.  And because we're small, you're not paying for lots of overhead, staff costs, or rent at a fancy address.  Instead, you get professional service that's focused on results.  And we guarantee that.

                 We're focused.  We don't claim to do it all.  Our list of services (training and meetings) has a clear focus around improving individuals, managers, and processes in your organization.  All of that said, if we can't tackle your project, we'll help you find someone in our network of associates who can help.  

                                         We listen.  Any firm can pull a workbook off the shelf and deliver a half-decent program for you.  But at Annex Learning Inc., we take time to understand your specific challenges and objectives.  Then we help you by designing a solution that lets you achieve your goals.  Read our
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